Metal Trim On The Bottom Instead Of A Bead Of Caulk


For more of a serious, dramatic and sharper look.


We first framed out the backsplash with the metal trim, leveled is leveled after all. We then started on the bottom and work our way up cutting as needed we used 1/8th grout spacers and also 1/8th spaces for metal trim to tile grout lines, we used omnigrip glue back buttered as need as the walls are not plum and square. 

I used schluter metal trim before and its very frail compared to the genesis metal trim, the schluter blemishes very easily, Genesis on the other hand does not i even used a razor blade the take of some glue and still holds up very impressed. 

There is some building and pluming of the pitched walls around the metal trims, we will address this after the completion of this project. 

The products we used is:

3x6 White subway tiles from Homedepot

Omnigrip glue 3.5 gallons Homedepot

1/8 Tile Spacers Homedepot

Charcoal Prism grout Homedepot

Genesis matt black metal trim (From the UK)

If structurally sound, We can retro fit your kitchen's backsplash with this new design, Just call or email us for your free consultation, Das365 inc.